About Equine Reflection

Inspiring Personal Growth Through The Power of Horses.

Based at Dynasty Park Equestrian in the beautiful Muriwai Valley, Equine Reflections offers Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) sessions for groups, families and individuals.

What Is EAL?

Equine-assisted learning (EAL) is an experiential learning approach that promotes the development of life skills for educational, professional and personal goals through ground-based activities with horses.

Why Horses?

 Even today’s domesticated horse remains a prey animal, with senses developed over thousands of years with survival in mind. In order to survive in their natural habitat, horses must sense and ‘read’ the slightest change in fellow herd members, potential predators and their environment, and adapt accordingly.

Alongside survival, horses utilise this ability to read the body language, energy and subtle behaviours in others to negotiate their place in the hierarchy of the herd. In a horse’s world, team work is expected and respected. Horses cannot lie or over think a situation. They approach every interaction with authenticity and ‘in the moment’. They don’t judge, but they constantly assess, and their feedback is honest and instant. Learning to listen to what horses have to say is powerful and can inspire significant individual development and growth.

The horses’ ability to sense and react to changes in others and their environment allows us an incredible opportunity to observe and interact with them in a way that requires us to explore and develop our own senses, use of personal energy, and authentic communication.

As masters of sensing even subtle changes in body language, energy and intention, horses provide a clear mirror for us to address our own (often unconscious) behaviours, communication, and authenticity.


‘Had a wonderful time at the taster session today. Awesome people, majestic animals, and gorgeous views. Highly recommend. Thanks Plaxy and Hayley’. Lynnette Heke · April 30, 2017


Please read the full article written by DANIELLE CLENT on stuff.co.nz.

Ellie Hancock, Hayley Smith and Plaxy Wish have founded Equine Reflections, a business inspired by equine assisted learning.

Based in Muriwai on 65 acres of land, groups could interact with horses to develop skills they may not have.

“When you’re working with a horse, you really have to tell it what to do. You have to give it clear instructions and you’ve got to be really confident in your communication,” Hancock said.

She said it provides a “real life learning situation”.

“It’s incredibly powerful. They come away with actually emotionally experiencing being confident and being a good leader.”

The women said they were hoping to attract all types of people but helping at risk youth was what they would work toward.

Wish said for youth who had been bullied, working with horses would help build their confidence, assertiveness and help them to understand their own energy and power.

“Horses have no judgement. When you interact with a horse, they don’t say anything. You can have this experience with them and all they give you is love. That’s really powerful for people who have been hurt or suffered severe trauma,” Hancock said.

All three women have been involved with horses for the majority of their lives and the “long term dream” became a reality when Smith purchased the property in January, Hancock said.