Plaxy Wish

Plaxy first sat on a Shetland pony around the age of three, and decided there and then that horses would be a major feature in her life (not always an easy feat growing up in North London).

Plaxy started working professionally with horses in 1999, adventuring to various countries to work as a trail guide. This passion for combining adventure and horses culminated in ‘running away’ with Gifford’s Circus in 2008 as a touring Groom. 

Plaxy always felt an affinity with horses and animals, instinctively practicing from an early age what she later found out had a name – Natural Horsemanship.

This passion for communicating with horses in a fear-free language they understand, combined with literally hundreds of hours spent around horses in various environments and situations, integrated with a professional background in Community and Youth Development, Workshop Facilitation, and Education, is all part of the rich tapestry of experience Plaxy brings to Equine Reflections.